For the year 2021, the Fine Arts Capital Art Association has set the goal of creating a unique exhibition hall called UNDER-GRAND 2021 PROJECT. With this project, it is not only possible to present a few artwork from each of our artists in the gallery of the Association, but they can show themselves to the public with complex thematic concepts of their art and individual exhibitions. 

This way, the UNDER-GRAND 2021 exhibition hall program will be able to represent several artists and provide a starting opportunity for talented creators. The UNDER GRAND 2021 PROJECT also serves as a community space that awaits artists, collectors, and art supporters on a daily basis.

With this development, we want to represent the commitment that - combined with a high level of professional work - creates new opportunities for cooperation and gives room for innovative common thinking.

Adapting to its features and the environment, the basement gets an industrial, modern look that can present a wide range of contemporary artforms. The simplicity draws attention to the artworks. The sophisticated construction ensures a remarkable exhibiton hall.

We are looking for sponsors to create this exhibition hall located in Falk Miksa Street in the 5th district of Budapest. The donated amount will be used for the renovation of the basement and the professional technical development of it. We will account for every item. The report will be available on our official website with professionally and financially relevance.

Please support us if you have the opportunity and sympathize with our concept!

  • 1, With any amount via credit card payment by clicking on the link below:

  • 2, Via bank transfer to the bank account of the Fine Arts Capital Art Association:
     (Please type in the comment: "Donation")

Thank you for your support:
Fine Arts Capital management