ROB Edmondson -“Home is where the art is”


British Landscape Artist -winner of an episode of BBC One's

"Home is where the art is"

I met Rob a year ago, through the David Gallery in Budapest, when we were preparing to participate inthe Norwich Art Fair and Rob wanted to join us. Straight away I found him very friendly, it was as though
we had known each other for years. He was a very calm, warm, and confident person with a very good
sense of humour!
We have kept in touch since the Art Fair and I was so happy to hear that he was part of BBC One's "Home is where the art is". Naturally, I was very keen to let other people know about Rob. This is how our conversation took place.
-So good to talk to you Rob. First of all, tell us how you got into Art?
-I was good at two subjects in school: Sport and Art. I played a lot of football and created artwork. I loved doing both. Consequently, I went to college to become a teacher of Sport and Art. I have taught Art in secondary schools, college and to adults for over 40 years. I attained the highest grade possible at college for my artwork.
Initially I was a silk screen printer. I also taught all art genres to students until specialising in ceramics. Currently I run two classes for adults. I try to help adults refine the way they create artwork in a range of media: watercolour, acrylic, drawn work and pastels primarily. I love teaching. I enjoy seeing individuals develop artistic ability. Involvement in art for some people can be extremely therapeutic.
-You paint landscapes. Why do you like landscapes?
-Ever changing. Seasonal. I tend to paint land and seascapes that I am familiar with. I like to bring a focus to the details of our environment and draw attention to the things that many people don't see clearly about where they live.
-From where do you get inspiration?
-Where I live. The places I visit. Developing artwork thematically, e.g. Sunsets, the movement of water, reflections, seasonal changes....I have absolutely no problem deciding what to do next, but I try to remain spontaneous by developing very different genres sequentially... canal scenes to sunsets to coastal scenes etc.
-Where do you usually exhibit your artwork?
-I tend to exhibit in galleries in the North West of the UK, although I have exhibited in Brighton. I occasionally enjoy being involved in Art Fairs around the UK.
-Where and when was your recent exhibition?
-Recently, I have not been involved in exhibitions because of Covid and personal family issues. In 2019 I exhibited in the Liverpool Art Fair.
I currently have work in just two galleries. Again, this is because of many being affected by Covid.
-Covid is affecting us all, but luckily you were involved in the TV programme "Home is where the art is"
which was aired in the UK this summer. So, tell us about it. How did they approach you?
-I was first contacted by the BBC in 2018 to be involved in 'Home is where the art is'. For whatever reason I did not make Series 1. In August 2019, I was contacted again. I was invited to be involved in Series 2 (Series2 Episode8)

-How did you feel when you got the phone call...?
-I thought it was an opportunity that was too good to miss. A chance to show my artwork to the world. I knew that the artwork I produced would need to be of a high standard!
-What was the preparation like?
-Intense! I wanted to show 'my work '.
I wanted those seeing the programme to be aware of the qualities of my finished piece.
-How long did it take to film?
-24th September- 1st November,2019. Approximately 40 hours of filming in total.
-You were against some talented artists. Did you think you stood a chance of winning?
-Both James Sutton and Pratima Kramer are talented. James is a metal sculptor and Pratima is a ceramicist. I knew I was going to be tested! All I could do was my best! I was worried initially, but felt more confident once I had decided on my subject, the platform for my art.
-Did you get to know the other artists?
-Yes. I still have a connection with Pratima through Facebook.
We all got on during the programme.
- At what point did you think you could be a winner?
-James and I were both awarded commissions!
I was confident I had produced a good piece of artwork for the programme prior to 'The Reveal' on 1st November... but, I had no idea how good James' sculpture would be. Let's say I was confident that I had not let myself down?!
-Where did you get the inspiration for that painting?
-Inspiration came from three main sources: the music room, Surinder and Davinder's love of landscape and the fact that cycling was important (although the programme editing did not make cycling seem significant). I knew that Ashness Bridge in the English Lake District would provide the perfect subject matter for my artistic response to the brief.
-Did you have any other ideas in mind?
-Initially I produced several watercolour sketches. However, time was of the essence and a decision had to be made! Once made I got on with the piece which was quite large and detailed.
-What was it like when you heard your name as one of the winners?
-I was ecstatic! Relieved that I had not wasted an opportunity. I was thrilled to see Surinder and Davinder's expressions when they first saw my painting! I knew they appreciated what I had created for them!
-Have things changed since your appearance on TV?
-Yes! I have sold many more originals and prints than usual. I have commissions to do, which may well take until Easter 2021 to complete.
I am now more respected for my artistic ability by those involved in the art world and by my local community.
-Have people approached you directly because of the programme?
-Yes! Lots of individuals from around the UK, Eire, Holland, and France.
-Obviously you are very busy, is there anything you are working on at the moment?
- I am trying to complete commissions! I am trying to do each one to a high standard. I am working hard at my relationships, especially my family's wellbeing! I am trying to stay level-headed and to improve my golf in between painting!?
Well, thank you Rob. I wish you all the best in achieving this and hope you will get to show yourself through your paintings to many more people in the UK and abroad too.
You can see the BBC One "Home is where the art is "episode with Rob on YouTube
You can also look at Rob's website there is a whole section devoted to the show, 'My TV Debut'.