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Oil, mixed technique

90cm x 90cm

The spark of my painting of migration was the migration itself. The direct impact of migration on countries where larger groups appeared was readable and details were shown on TV. Why what happens in history of the world is not unraving, as it will be historians of political trends will describe it in colour, with separate ,separate - but completely different - and purposefully different way. What you could take from TV and newspapers was that a very well-prepared and organised crowd of young people - middle eastern, Asian, African, young people - was beginning to march. The aim is to 'populate' EU states, The whole story looks like a giant masked festival that Angela Merkel invited the world to the EU. Everyone is masked because no id, passport, photograph, or any other proof of identity was needed, so there are no real faces, only people in masks. I wish to note - I had no intention of taking caricatures of people because people are not valued for their looks but their actions, but it would have been a shame to miss a story like this because people have already forgotten what happened.