"There is always something about a specific season of the year that attracts people and makes them wait, linger - or dread it. In winter, it might be the grey and colder skies, the white snow, the extra need for skin contact and the longer darker nights. During spring, it could be the flowers, the colours, the promise of warmer and happier days. In summer you have the heat, the extra sunlight and possibly a shiny tanned skin tone to match it. And the autumn, with warm yellow and orange colours and the chiller sensation of change always in the air."
The Artist Lounge is proud to announce the finalists of "Seasons Art Competition" - and their fantastic work that will be exhibited at King House Gallery, in Stratford-Upon-Avon, United Kingdom:

Dreamy Northern Lights - by Akanksha Kumar

Passage in Gaia - by Angela Serra

Summer Rain - by Carole Pugh

Beauty in the Bleak - by Catherine Corfield

Busy Fistral Beach - by Diane Griffiths

Crocodiles on the Beach - by Elena Galofaro

Twilight - by Elodie McMinn

Seasons of Love - by Emily Kenton

Pont Fawr Bridge and the Allure of Autumn Tea - by Francis Salvesen

Midwinter Glow - by Helen Feilden

Lambley Viaduct - by Helen Johnson

In the Heart - by Hidekazu Sato

Poetica Della Liberazione - by Jara Marzulli

Winter Solace - by Joel Simon

Stillness The Invocation of Winter - by Johanna McWeeney

Padstow Harbour - by Laura Wakeham

Four Seasons - by Liam Carver

The New Religion - by Mahalia Hullen

Blooming - by Mark Pekarski

Solicitous October - by Norbert David

First Snowball, Boston - by Saima Hussain

The Gearagh Month by Month - by Siobhan Duggan

Autumn Fire - by Teresa Seals

A Breath of Autumn - by William Disberry

Fromthe 30th of April to 8th of May, our "Seasons Art Exhibition" showcased the most amazing talent from all over the world themed around the seasons of the year. The event on the 1st of May was absolutely incredible - with live music, sweets, bubbles and a lot of fun. The gallery followed the Covid regulations and guidelines at the time, and we are proud to say that we had an incredible support from the local community, art enthusiasts, collectors and artists.